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Challenging Electronics Problems

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    I am taking an introductory course on electronics and I have a test coming up next week. My professor likes to give very challenging and long problems on tests. Are there any resources that have particularly challenging electronics problems to practice with?

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    There is a Schaum's electric circuits series that I used, back in the 90s... I haven't it at hand (I think I left it at my parents) but I remember I found it practical and really useful... Just guessing, there must be a newer edition of that book.

    In addition to this, I highly recommend to have at sight manuals for references such as:

    Handbook of Electronics Tables and Formulas, Howard Sams
    Electrical and Electronics Reference Manual, John Camara

    These handbooks can help you to save time in order to resolved problems faster.

    It is a fact that all circuit professors enjoy by giving long circuit problems during the tests: I remember that on circuits 2, my professor gave us problems and then he said: "go home, resolve it and we'll see on next week". "On next week" after reading your work for a few minutes, he used to say: " why you try doing this, that, etc... go home and see me on next week"

    The point is there are a lot of ways to solve a circuit problem... maybe that man enjoyed by seeing us suffering.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I've looked into the Schaum's books. They are helpful but the problems are not very challenging, particularly in the Digital Principles version.

    Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to bring books into our exams...

    Any other recommendations are gladly welcome!
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