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Challenging integrals and derivatives to try

  1. Apr 7, 2004 #1
    here's some to try (i'll have answers either on thursday or tuesday):

    f(x)= sin(x^(x^1/2) + (pi*log x)), x>0
    f(x)= log(log(log(x^2 + 16))), x>0
    f(x)= integral (from 0 to x) of exp((x-y)^1/2) dx
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    matt grime

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    One presumes you want the derivatives of the first two (not hard just tedious) and to do the integral in the third (shame, if you wanted the derivative that was quite easy).
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    Yeah, quiet easy :)
    They are good practive if you're new to calculus.
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    It seems to be hard
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