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Homework Help: Challenging Physics

  1. Oct 11, 2003 #1
    Hey guys I need help on this one physics problem. I did the problem but im not sure whether I did it right. Please make comments if i did the problem wrong. Thank you.

    A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff 125 M above ground levbel with an inital speed of 65 m/s at an angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal.

    a)determine the time taken by the projectile to hit point P at ground level. (I got 2.45(s)

    b)Determine the range X of the projectile as measured from the base of a cliff( I got 127.4)

    c)The horizontal and vertical components of its velocity. I got V(x)=39 m/s and V(y) as 63 m/s.

    d) Determine the magnitude of the velocity.( I said 81.46 50.46 degrees above the x-axis.

    e) Determine the angle made by the velocity vector with the horizontal( I got 50.46 degrees.

    Thank You
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  3. Oct 11, 2003 #2
    To find the initial vx and vy components of the velocity you have to apply these formulas:

    vx=vin*cos φ
    vy=vin*sin φ

    vx=65*cos 37=51.3 m/s
    vy=65*sin 37=39 m/s

    I suppose the rest of the answers must be wrong
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