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Chance for a foreign-born engineer

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    Does a foreign-born aerospace engineer have a difficulty in finding a position in aerospace industry or federal government organizations in U.S?
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    In terms of a federal or government position, most likely, yes. Unless you have established yourself here with either a green card or citizenship, many federal positions may not be available to you. That is not to say that it is impossible. It would simply limit your options in places you could go and positions you could serve. In my location, for example, foreign nationals of any kind can not even look at certain machinery without our legal department ensuring certain export licensing is in place.

    Regular private aerospace companys that don't have government programs would probably be your best bet. Companies like Cessna or possibly the civilian liner side of Boeing.
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    How about a foreign-born engineer with U.S citizenship or Green Card?
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    If you're a US citizen, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to discriminate in hiring.

    Getting security clearance (if that is needed for the position you're applying) may be another case, though.
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