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Chances at Biophysics

  1. Apr 18, 2013 #1
    Im coming into my last year of physics courses, (5th year) and I only need to take thermal and advanced lab now. Hurray!
    But, I have a GPA of 3.2 with a major GPA of about 3.1ish. I am pretty sure i do not want to go into physics for a Phd but i do want to go into BioPhysics or Medical physics basically anything medical/science overlap. Kinda Find myself interested in the whole protein folding/structure right now. I wouldnt object to going to a grad school for pure physics but i feel like i wouldnt get accepted anyways. I have two publication for an experiment i was involved with, but no real research experience.
    Is Grad school for Biophysics or medical physics something that is more likely to accept me?
    If so, what are some low tiered schools that are still well represented in the workplace?

    Im starting to feel overwhelmed, so I'm sorry if I am rambling. Just dont really understand my chances and necessarily what is available to me as far as graduate options. Please give me some feedback!
    Thanks guys.
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    Medical physics programs are generally quite competative to get into, particularly when they are accredited programs. Most of the students we accept have GPAs in the 3.5 or above ballpark, although I wouldn't let that stop you from applying. Having your name on a couple of publications can bolster your application, particularly if that's accompanies with some strong reference letters.

    One flag I see is the "I am pretty sure i do not want to go into physics for a Phd..." statement. What exactly do you think you would be doing in biophysics or medical physics?
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    well I want to go into something more integrated with other fields (ie. Biophysics). I guess I'm just gaining newer interests. I do love physics though but i feel like a pure physics phd wouldnt make me AS happy. Hopefully that adds some clarification. =]
    But, would you say that my chances at grad school are slim? or just slim for physics and medical physics?
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