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Chances of getting in to MIT?

  1. Apr 7, 2005 #1
    What does MIT look for in picking out the lucky few who get to attend the school?

    IN PARTICULAR, does MIT care if you're in the second to the highest math class that your highschool offers?
    If I'm not in the highest math class, it'll affect whether or not I get a full IB diploma..... :cry: :cry: Would that deter my chances of getting in to MIT?
    Even if I have a good GPA (mine: 4.2, weighted)?????????? :frown:
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    A somewhat.. absurd question..

    Don't be suprised if the people who are interviewing for MIT have full top grades. Therefore, you have to show them that you're different from the others in such a manner that they will consider you.

    What this is, i leave you to it, because it seems that your only interested getting into university and going *whew* after getting in.
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    I hear you have to capture bin laden and solve Riemann’s hypothesis to get in.

    Yeah that was bad. I'm bitter, bored, depressed, and sad so whatever. :p
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    There needs to be a sticky about getting into MIT/Caltech/etc. Have something funny like "If you have to ask, you cant get in" because its kinda true. People who set themselves apart from the crowd obviously know why they are doing that and understand what MIT wants.
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    To get into MIT, I think you pretty much have to have extraordinary extracurricular activities - things like placing high in AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination), International Science Fair, being a finalist in Intel Science Fair ) IN ADDITION to exceptional GPA/SAT scores, and a good interview. At least tha tworked for my brother - though that was 12 years ago so maybe the competition is stiffer now.
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    indeed. For such people, it should be natural instinct to know what THEY want, with wisdom and knowledge.
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