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Chandrayaan-1 Set for Launch

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    If everything goes well, the PSLV-C11 will be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre tomorrow at 06:20 Hrs IST (22 October 00:50 UTC). We are well into the (NE) Monsoon, but according to news reports, the scientists are not worried about rain as much as they are about lightning storms.

    More info about the the mission and the spacecraft: http://isro.org/pslv-c11/brochure/index.htm [Broken]

    Apparently, they are also going to have a webcast: http://isro.org/ (starts half an hour before scheduled launch)

    And if it's clear early tomorrow morning, I will try to snap a few pics of the rocket going up from my house. Stay tuned.
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    Hope all goes well, and yes, take photos!
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    I second that! Need pictures!!! It's a historic launch.
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    It was a flawless launch on a cloudy morning. The spacecraft has been placed in its temporary Earth orbit. In a little over two weeks, it should be orbiting the Moon as planned.

    Unfortunately, the cloudy morning also meant that I could not view the launch. In fact, the only gaps in the clods were towards the North (roughly the direction of the launch centre), but I couldn't even see the trail!
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    Crap! I had hoped that you and your Canon could capture a bit of Indian history.

    be well
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