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Homework Help: Changes in Decibels over a distance

  1. May 29, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A jet plane emits 3.0×105 J of sound energy per second.
    1) What is the sound level 21 m away?
    2) Air absorbs sound at a rate of about 7.0 ; calculate what the sound level will be 5.00.
    3) Calculate what the sound level will be 7.50 away from this jet plane, taking into account air absorption.

    2. Relevant equations

    J/s = W
    inverse law of intensities: I_1*(r_1)^2=I_2*(r_2)^2
    dB = 10log(I/I_o)
    I_o = 1.0*10^-12

    3. The attempt at a solution

    My attempt at a solution is poor, I know, but this is the first problem like this ive come across.

    I had no idea how to relate Joules per second to decibels, so I did the 1:1 conversion to Watts. Still having no idea how to relate watts to decibels, I used an online watt to decibel conversion engine. This gave me 300000 W = 54.8 dB, so I set off running with it.

    From there I plugged 54.8 into the decibel formula:

    54.8 = 10log(I/I_o) ---> 5.48 = log(I/I_o) ---> 10^5.48 = I/I_o
    10^5.48 = 301995.172 ---> 301995.172 = I/I_o
    I_o = 1.0*10^-12 ---> 301995.172*(1.0*10^-12) = I
    I = 3.01995 * 10^-7

    Using this intensity as I_1, and giving this initial intensity a distance of 1 from the jet, I plugged it into the inverse law of intensities:

    I_1*(r_1)^2 = I_2*(r_2)^2
    (3.01995*10^-7)*(1)^2 ---> 3.01995*10^-7 = I_2*(r_2)^2
    3.01996*10^-7 = I_2*(21)^2 ---> (3.01995*10^-7)/441 = I_2
    I_2 = 6.847959*10^-10

    Then, I plugged this intensity value into the decibel equation, thinking it would give me the decibel level at 21 m:

    dB = 10log((6.847959*10^-10)/(1.0*10^-12))

    After calculating this, I got a value of 28.121 dB for part 1.
    Unfortunately, masteringphysics has told me this is incorrect, and so I am out of ideas as to how to solve part 1, also rendering me incapable of solving parts 2 and 3. :mad:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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