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Homework Help: Changes in Extracellular Fluid(ECF) osmolarity and volume

  1. Sep 15, 2011 #1
    I'm confusing whether ECF osmolarity and volume increases, decreases or no change for each treatment.

    1/ Water Load- Osmolarity decreases and volume increases
    2/ Water Load+ADH- Osmolarity increases and volume increases
    3/ Water Load+Exercise- Osmolarity increases and volume has no change
    4/ Isotonic Sports Drink(containing glucose&electrolytes)
    - osmolarity has no change and volume increases
    5/ Water load+Alcohol- osmolarity increases and volume increases

    These are my answers shown above.
    I'm confused with 2,3,4,5. Can any experts help me correct answers and getting me right understanding?

    Also, if I am planning to do experiments on each treatment, can anyone suggest an appropriate control for each with explanation?

    Thank you
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