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Changing Chemistry Helps Explain Estrogen Threat to the Heart

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    by Toni Baker
    Feb. 16, 2005

    http://www.mcg.edu/news/2005NewsRel/Estrogen.html [Broken] (Press Release)

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    The study of cofactors modifying estrogen receptor function is a pretty hot topic, not just for cardiovascular research, but for cancer research and a whole host of other areas that involve endocrine actions. The identification of these cofactors have made understanding endocrine function orders of magnitude more challenging, because there are so many of them that interact in complexes and changing just one cofactor in that complex can change its function.

    These also underlie why some drugs will act as a hormone agonist in one tissue or cell type and as an antagonist in another. So, understanding them really can help with targeting drugs to minimize side effects in tissues you aren't interested in affecting...at least that's the hope of where this research will lead.
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    Hold on here... the estrogen only arm (women who only took estrogen and not the combination estrogen, progesterone) in the Women's Health Initiative study did not show an increase in myocardial infarctions or cardiac events only the estrogen progesterone combination arm. The better question is what is it about the exogenous combination that causes such a decrease in the normal cardioprotection of estrogen? The progesterone issue seems to be completely ignored by these researchers.
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