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Changing\Combining disciplines? CS, Physics, breadth, etc.

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    Hi, I'm currently on my third (& last) year of BSc studies, in Computer Science.

    One problem is that the range of topics I find interesting is extremely huge: Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science, Biology & Biochemistry, Philosophy, Math, and more.
    Overall I can say the 2 I find the most interesting are CS and Astro\Physics.

    The 2nd problem is that I'm currently towards the end of my BSc studies in CS, and the degree is extremely 'narrow', in the sense that we can only take about 3 non-CS courses, and the Math courses are also extremely limited (only 2 basic courses in each of the following - Calculus, Algebra, Discrete\Set Theory\Logic).

    I really want to study physics and I'm afraid that my degree did not provide me any good 'general' basis for science, and the only thing I can do is study CS further.
    Now as for the 'why' I studied for this degree.. I like CS, it's just that I also like Physics.. and Math.. and I really don't know what to do right now and where is my life heading. So I'm just gonna throw some questions here:

    Is there any graduate program (MSc or PhD) which combines Physics and CS?
    Is there any chance I could be admitted to a university and study towards MSc in CS and BSc in Physics at the same time?
    Is there any "general" MSc program which lets you take various courses from Physics, Math, CS, etc. (and then you choose one of the topics to do your thesis about).
    What do people generally do when they end up with a BSc in X, but want to study and do reasearch in Y?

    And finally, which additional math courses are 'important' to take? which ones I definitely shouldn't miss?

    any thoughts would be appreciated... Thanks :)
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