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I Changing field patterns

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    I hope someone here can help me and jog my memory. Some time back I was reading something on this forum which struck me as being a bit strange but nevertheless interesting. I made a mental note of coming back to the topic and taking a proper look at it But the trouble is I've forgotten the details and I can't find any references to it.

    It was related to changing electric field line patterns due to moving charges. I can remember that there were two names connected with theories associated with these changes but I can't remember the names of the people involved.. I seem to remember that one theory was more detailed than the other but that each theory had certain weaknesses.

    I have spent a lot of time searching but have come up with nothing.
    Thank you if you can help.
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    Maybe Lienard Wiechert?
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    Thank you Dale. I came across Lienard Wichert in my earlier searches and it doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. From what I recall the approach I came across originally was based on field line diagrams and the two physicists were mentioned separately one approach being more detailed than the other. I will take another look at Lienard and Wiechart.
    Thank you
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