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Changing from Computer Science major to Information Technology?

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    I am currently a student at USF majoring in Computer Science. I am almost positive that I will be switching to Information Technology after this semester. This is primarily because I do not want a job in software development anymore. I still have 43 credits left to complete the CS program. I would only need to take one extra class if I switch to IT so it would not set me back.

    I am no longer enjoying my programming courses. The IT major accepts all the courses I have taken and still has plenty of technical courses left with just a couple more programming courses (Data Structures/Operating Systems/Networks) and 3-4 business courses. My school also offers an MIS major which is a lot more business oriented. The IT program is said to bridge the gap between CS and MIS.

    I don't want to feel like I am giving up on myself by switching to the IT major. I'm sure the CS degree is more lucrative, but I honestly don't think I can stick it out much longer. I am not enjoying the hardware courses either. I just barely passed my C++ Object Oriented course with a C-. I know they are only going to get more difficult and more involved. I also don't seem to be very good at programming. I just don't have the passion for it either like most students in my class seem to have. I also completed all the math courses required for the CS degree. I don't want employers to think I took the easy way out and couldn't hack the math courses or something.

    What scares me is the job outlook. I would prefer to work in an IT related position for a business (not sure what position yet). I just do not want to be a programmer for a living.

    I am terrified of making this switch because I am worried about job prospects. Can I still become successful with the Information Technology degree or am I making a huge mistake? I have been stressing over this VERY badly over the past few months. I have been absolutely miserable and unhappy with life. I feel like I want to make the switch to IT, but I am incredibly nervous.

    I am also interested in the MIS degree, but I am unsure if I can go for the real technical related positions because it doesn't touch on the technical aspects as much as the IT degree does. The IT major focuses on the technical classes while the MIS focuses on business classes. It would be easier to make the decision on exactly what to switch to IF I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with my life. That's one of my main problems. I just do not know what I want to do with my life post-graduation.

    What do you guys think? Sorry for the long read, but I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks so much.
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