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Changing light bulbs HELP!

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    I am just wondering what makes a light bulb brighter? Is it the power (Watts) rating on the bulb? I am attempting to change light bulbs on the ceiling, but will any watts work? Can my ceiling exploded if the filament burns out because the rating is too high
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    If you are talking about incandescent light bulbs, you are correct to worry about this....incandescent light bulbs have a very low efficiency in that they convert only about 20% of those watts into light and the other 80% into heat...so, I would be careful and not install a 100-watt or higher light bulb in an old lamp...it may burn it or melt it.

    If you are talking about today's fluorescent cold light bulbs, you don't have to worry about this...with more watts you simply get more light, not so much more heat.
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