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Changing my startup screen

  1. May 31, 2004 #1
    Have you ever tried this out before ?

    I intended to do so, I tried to install the software that will be able to do the job, I clicked on it, and it asked me to choose the colors, backgound images I like but then i thought again that if i accepted to do that, would that be ok ?, i mean will I be able to get my original screen back ? i am really hesitating to do this...

    Thank you very much,
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    I'll assume you use Windows...... depending on its version, it should be possible to restore the original startup screen. Usually you would do this by backing up the original file that controls it and then restoring it later. I can't tell which file this is without knowing the exact operating system you use. It's also possible that the program you use to the change the startup screen includes an internal feature that allows you to resotre the startup screen easily, in which case you will not need to back up any files.
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    Thank Chen alot,
    I am using XP...
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    I also have XP.
    I don't know what you installed??
    You can change the look of your desktop by opening Control Panel-> Display.
    On the first tab, "Themes", there is a menu that says, "My Current Theme" and a button next to it, "Save As..."
    By pressing "Save As...", you can save all your current settings.
    Perhaps you installed some extra options, like Wallpaper or Screensavers? More than what normally comes with XP?
    Happy thoughts
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    No, that is not what i meant, i meant the startup screen when we power on our computer, usually you would see WindowsXP Home/Professional Edition, and this is what i would like to change, I don't like to see it anymore, so choosing something new and more funnie images to load up at runtime....<<<smiling>>>
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    Ooooh, that makes sense :) Did you figure out how to save the original settings?

    Well, in case you haven't, or someone else is interested, here's how to do it manually:

    Now, instead of making changes to the file, you can save it under a different name [Save As], close Notepad and the Properties window [Cancel] or [X].
    When you want to restore the original settings, repeat the steps quoted above, until you arrive at Notepad. Then just paste your saved file back into Notepad and
    WARNING- I have only done part of this- it should work :rolleyes: but an expert may want to check it.

    Happy thoughts
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    Thank you very much, that is really nice!
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