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Changing posts

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    I am having serious problems editing and saving changes to posts after I initially submit. Sometimes I need to go to advanced and then save changes and sometimes even that does not work. Sometimes things show up that are clearly not in the source :

    Look at post 7 here https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=181700
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    If after editing TeX, the new TeX looks unchanged or messed up, refresh the page.

    Posts can not be edited outside a 24-hour window following the original post time.

    The only weirdness I see there is that \partial (from the last equation line) looks split up (as \par tial) in the pop-up TeX display window. I don't know why it's displaying that way. But all the LaTeX implementation looks fine to me.
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    You're right. It corrected itself after I reloaded. However, it took me tons of time to figure out that I needed to reload. Maybe that is a problem that it does not do it automatically when you press save.
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    We cannot force your browser to reload things; all we can do is provide it hints (like pragma: no-cache). Some browsers completely ignore these hints.

    - Warren
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    I see. Perhaps the Firefox Mozilla has already resolved it.
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