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Changing Resonant Frequency of Gas?

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    Recently I was handed a flyer for a new gadget that is being sold.
    It consists of two modules that are attached with sticky tape to the underside of ones gas tank. 'There are no batteries and no wires' yet the gizmo 'changes the resonant frequency for the gasoline in your tank, improving milage'.
    The price on one these gizmos is no less than $1299
    I'm no physics buff, but I know a few things about cars. I can't find any explanation on this.
    So, is this possible?
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    That's absurd! :grumpy:
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    hahaha - thank you
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    Oh my goodness. Is there a website for these things? Are you certain you understood their claims correctly? Could they possibly be talking about changing the resonant frequencies of your gas tank? What that would have to do with anything I don't know, but the resonance of the fuel itself is pretty darned "perplexing."
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    Oh my lord....I think I may have come across something that may answer this. I was doing a search on the phrase the OP had in quotes:
    Looking around I saw a discussion on a board that was talking about hydrogen vehicles, etc...One poster made the comment:
    Could these people be thinking that it would take less energy input to create combustion by adding these things to the outside of their gas tank?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.
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    I think I'm gonna wretch...

    OMG!!! Biopro seeks money from the ignorant with deep pockets. Feel free to whip it out here. http://www.mybiopro.com/Opportunities_Get_Started.aspx?ID=johnjosepho

    They claim:
    here: http://www.mybiopro.com/BioProTemplate.aspx?ItemID=915&ID=johnjosepho

    And all you need to do is glue these disks to your vehicle. No wires needed, no nothing, just a lump of metal glued to the outside of your tank!
    Seems they also sell pendants to rid you of "electropollution", another lump of metal to wear on a chain around your neck. Buy one here!:

    I understand both Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse both own these products and endorse them. Perhaps they can come up with an anti-hurricane field scaffold to prevent hurricane winds from destroying your home next. Only a few hundred dollars for that one, and all you need to do is prop this sucker up on your porch to scare away the evil wind forces that level the homes of hurricane victums.

    Sorry for pukin' all over this one, I tried to hold it in but the sewage made me ill...
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    I am sooooo tempted to buy this crap simply to take it apart and show that it is a total fraud.
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    haha, resonant frequencies & harmonics of petrol!!! Youd be better off spending that money on something that will work like a LPG or Vegetable oil conversion or adapting for partial water power.
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    If you did get fuel to vibrate at its resonant frequecy, I wouldnt want to be standing anywhere near, maybe tape an adapted microwave to your fuel tank. It sounds like all youll get is a couple of magnets for your money, more than likely
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