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Changing to x,y,z

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    I have an equation:

    Br*r + BƟ*Ɵ

    BØ = 0

    I want to change it into x,y,z. How do I do this?

    x=r*cosƟ*sinØ = 0
    y=r*sinƟ*sinØ = 0
    z=r*cosØ = r

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    Is B a constant? If so then we have [itex]\phi= 0[/itex] which means we are on the z-axis and [itex]\theta[/itex] becomes irrelevant. [itex]\vec{r}[/itex], the unit vector pointing directly away from the origin must be <0, 0, 1> "Br*]b]r[/b] + BƟ*Ɵ" becomes just <0, 0, Bz>.
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