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Homework Help: Chaos And Randomness

  1. Oct 4, 2004 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I started a project looking at chaos and randomness recently but i am having a hard time finding direction.
    I would really appreciate any pointers and suggestions.

    So far i have done the background definitions and descriptions, i have also looked at fractal geometry.

    thanks in advance
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    what is your goal with this project? other than looking at chaos and randomness what do you want to achieve?
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    How about constructing and studying the dynamics of a double pendulum?
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    I have heard from some of my friends in another school that they are also trying to handle the coordinates x0y with complex multivariables.
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    Many (relatively) simple circuits can also be constructed that exhibit chaotic behavior. Search for "nonlinear" or something like that in the general physics forum, I posted there on this topic a couple weeks back.
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