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Chaos Theory: Video Feedback

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    Some of the high school students where I work have shown interest in video feedback (affine transformations) and fractal geometry. I once saw a video where some people at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) were doing some experimentation with video feedback. I don't know what became of it. Anybody out there doing something with video feedback or has information about it? How about any activities in chaos theory or fractal geometry that would be appropriate for high school students? I would appreciate hearing from you.
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    NASA is planning some very interesting space missions with chaos theory, and it's the basis for something that has been called the "Interplanetary Superhighway".


    has some links

    A detailed treatment would probably be outside high school level, but that's a general problem with anything in chaos theory.
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    Thanks pervect. I've started reading John Baez's article on Lagrange points. Looks interesting.
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