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Chaos Theory

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    Hi I'm new to this and sorry if this is not the correct place to post this.

    I was wondering if people still study chaos theory? (sorry if its a silly question) And if they do where chaos scientists work and what are the main things you need to study so you can study chaos theory.

    Thank you
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    Yes, people do study chaos theory. It's propably not the biggest mainstream thing but more and more people are studying it. University or a research institute would be my quess for the most propable employer. Depending on the type of chaos you want to study, theoretical mathematics (at least calculus, linear algebra and topology) and theoretical physics (for example classical mechanics, statistical physics, quantum mechanics) are required. Also programming skills are useful.
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    Yes. Although what has happened is that the field has gotten so developed that it's not one "theory" but parts of several. The google term is "non-linear systems."

    As with most things, the important thing is to get a good grounding in math and physics.
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    Thank you, is the non linear systems also non linear dynamics? Are there any careers that focus on this and is it mostly math or physics
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