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Chaotic Circuit

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    What type of circuit should one set up in order to induce chaotic outputs? My current research is pointing me towards a diode resonator circuit (resistor, inductor, diode in series) any ideas on that model or improvements from other research?
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    Are you looking for a random output generated by a random input - Then white noise is probably the easiest as Berkman said.


    Are you looking for a circuit with predicatable elements, but that gives an unpredictable output, which is a bit harder but do-able... I saw one a few weeks ago but can't remember where, may be able to find it though.
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    I'm not really looking for a random number generator that berkeman mentioned, the site from marcusl was more to what i trying to create. I am basically trying to find a circuit in which I can break down a diode to model the nonlinear portions of the ideal diode and study the chaotic action therein. Like Panda mentioned, "a circuit with predicatable elements, but that gives an unpredictable output" is also acceptable to my research
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    really old thread, but chua circuits are what you are looking for. www.chuacircuits.com the circuit diagram there looks to be what you are describing, but probably by now you have encountered it in your research.
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    Pretty helpful necropost! Thanks.
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