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Chapmann-Kolmogorov formula

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    Hello..where i could find information about the Chapmann-Kolmogorov formula for continous probability..i have hear something when taking a course of QM...something about this...if you want to go from A point to B point with a certain probability crossing a point C then:

    [tex] P(A,B)=P(A,C)P(B,C) [/tex]

    My question is what is the Integral or differential formulation of this law?..considering we know all the probability distributions..thanks.
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    the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation
    [tex]p(\mathbf{x}_{k}|\mathbf{z}_{1:k-1})= \int

    as an example, from "A Tutorial on Particle Filters for On-line Non-linear/Non-Gaussian Bayesian Tracking (2001)"
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