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Chapter 2:PFer's stirke back at

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    This is Chapter 1, of the Adventures of Benedict and Bacon
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    too many drugs..
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    Chap 2 Beginning

    This is the beginning of Chapter 2.
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    too many drugs.. (cronexh)
    He must have failed his papal drug test due to the poppyseed muffin he ate......and knew Aunt Millies stance on drugs...
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    that they sould be legal for medical use and to used for reilgous use.Then it came to him that the durgs are gentical modified with the pasta and basil.But he knew that it couldn't be on earth in oder to this you would have a large research facility.
    "PIUS,Where would the most likely planet for a facitlty that can pefrom basil,durg and pasta gentic modfication modifcations?"asked the pope
    "PIUS,Please wait for 2 min....Make the 2 hours..um...just wait untill I tell you..."
    The Pope waited for days.Finally PIUS said"Error:line 29 accord during procing press enter to contiune"
    The pope dissapontied with PIUS finally decieded to contiune to the Wallmart Nebula and see if anyone there noes where he can find this facility.
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    "SAMe Wawltun kan whelp uzz find dee fazilutee..." the lipless cardinal mumbled under his breath as the ship speeded onward at Warp 6 toward the Wallmart Nebula.
    "What?" asked the disgruntled pope still sulking due to his dissapointment in PIUS.
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    Then the pope asked the cardinal "Are you ok?"
    The cardinal repiled "Wawtun whelp uz fazilutee"
    The pope then realized that there somthing terribly worng with the bacon...I mean the cardinal...
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    I think we should come up with an ending for this story??? Anyone?
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    They got to the Wallmart nebula, only to find that Sam Waldon was still alive and had turned into pure hydrogen. Sam at the Pope and the Cardinal and then spat them out into space in the form of fairy starfish, where they floated for all eternity until they landed on a planet of giant mushrooms where they lived happily ever after. Until the gray aliens came and landed on them with their flying saucer, thus ending their lives.
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