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Homework Help: Chapter 4 physics HELP!

  1. Dec 7, 2014 #1
    An object of mass 6000 kg rests on the flatbed of a truck. It is held in place by metal brackets that can exert a maximum horizontal force of 9000N. When the truck is traveling 15 m/s, what is the minimum stopping time if the load is not to slide foward into the cab?
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    Welcome aboard, Tiana. This belongs in the Homework Help section, and you will be required to tell us what you have attempted to do already to solve it.
    I'm putting in a request to have it moved there. It will still be referenced here with a redirect function for a while, so people can find it.
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    Tiana, as Danger has said, homework posts should have the homework template filled out. Please add the appropriate information for that--all relevant equations, and most importantly, what you have tried already to solve the problem. You must show some attempt at a solution.
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