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Chapter 5/6 from Lamarsh to study Neutron diffusion / nuclear theory

  1. Jan 17, 2017 #1
    Hi, is it hard to study Neutron diffusion / nuclear theory from Introduction to nuclear engineering Lamarsh without a teacher ? , noticing that I will be taking Nuclear theory course on the next semester.
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    No, IMO it's a pretty well written book. You should be able to understand quite a bit, get a good jump start on the class. Only downside I can think of is I believe some of the solutions to a few problems have errors, depending on which edition you're using.

    But even later into my more advanced classes I'd still refer to that book. I liked it.
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    jim hardy

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    I prefer the old 1963 Glasstone & Sessonske , just one man's opinion though. It's the one we used in my class about 1968. I found his presentation clearer.
    I really liked the section on Instrumentation and control but it's not in their newer editions

    If you can find a copy of this one that's reasonably priced i'd say get it too.
    Has Yankee Rowe on the dust jacket
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