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Characterization of PF posters

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    What properties describe the generic Physics Forums participant? Consider appearance, personality, education & knowledge, politics, philosophy, social & private life, vocation, hobbies, etc.
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    Appearance: Certainly not absolutely beautiful (there are the odd cases). Average appearance.

    Personality:Usually quiet. Very thoughtful. Enjoys solitude. Does not like large groups.

    Education and Knowledge: Certainly above average intelligence.

    Politics: Ranges

    Philosophy: I notice a large amount of people are relativists or subjectivists. Very few are theists.

    I'm tired. :S
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    Apperance: naked (well me, at least)

    Personality: flambuoyant, loudmouth, and yet, thoughtful

    Education and Knowledge: Above average intelligence, this is Physics Forums, afterall.

    Politics: varied

    Philosophy: mostly subjective, few theists.
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    Geeks! All of them! :rofl:

    Since I've been in the science game a while, I can be quite certain they are as varied in all those traits as the general population, except with a higher average education (then again, we have a lot of high school students around to keep the mean low...but I expect they have greater educational potential, as in I'm pretty sure most of them are going to go to college and maybe even onto graduate schools).

    graphic7...put your clothes back on! :blushing: No skinny dipping until the inaugural ball. You have to wait a couple more days for that!
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    Does that mean i shouldn't have been practicing my nude strutting at the gym last night Moonbear?
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    :uhh: I guess that depends on who you thought you might be impressing. I suppose you could claim you were training for the Olympics in traditional ancient Greek style.

    Hint for all the guys...if you're inclined to skinny dip, don't use the diving board. It's NOT flattering! :yuck:
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    Well you know, all those ladies on the tread mills?

    And more importantly on the diving board, for those of us who are no good at diving...nude belly-flop....bad idea...
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    Personality: Mostly thoughtful, introspective, and reserved. Seem to exhibit a higher amount of wisdom than the general populace.

    Politics: Everywhere from flamin' liberals to reactionary conservatives.

    Social & Private Life: Tends to stick with circle of friends. Has the odd tendency to bore them with physics and calculus lectures every other moment.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Motai, the last word I would EVER use to describe you is "boring"!
  12. Dec 13, 2004 #11
    There are those of us who are hoping for the opening of a Forum called "English Majors Who Wish They'd Taken Physics But Couldn't Fit It In Between 'Remedial Math For Poets and Athletes (Exam Q: 'Who went to Mathmagicland') and 'Origins of Eighth Century English Peasant Materialism: Mud-bucket or Mud-wagon' And Have Been Trying To Figure It Out Ever-Since On Their Own Since To Do Otherwise Would Require The Expenditure Of Money Of Which They've Seen None Since The Last Allowance Check Right Before Graduation"


    Wrongly Educated
    Highly Opinionated
    From Algebra un-matriculated
    To Physics un-initiated
    By a big critter not-yet-Masticated
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    :smile: ya, where is my allowance?
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    Personality: Very reserved. Always think before I act. Quiet. Humble.
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    Appearance: kinda ordinary, looks like any guy on the street.

    Personality: Introverted, extroverted, everything in between. One who does not readily flaunt his/her intellect but is more than eager to spread their knowledge to those who would like to know more. When in an intellectual discussion or asked a question, doesn't readily blurt out an answer but think twice before answering.

    Not afraid to say ,"I was wrong there.....it should be..." or, "I am really not too sure about this."

    Education: Varies from high school student to Phd. holders. but those who are at the lower parts of the education system definitely know more than their peers and constantly bug their teachers with difficult questions !

    Politics: Left right and center. And the hitler-wannabe may even be lurking in the dark corners of PF.

    Philosophy: Varies as well but very little religious people, a handful of theists who shun organized religion. Tends towards relativism, and likely to hold views drawn from different schools of thought (electic).

    Social and private life: Varies !

    Vocation: Mostly science related, hardly find a 9-5 guy in PF i think.

    Hobbies: Physics ! or math or whatever. I dunnoe, I myself play guitar and piano and take it as seriously as physics and math. I surmise that hobbies among PFers are not much and perhaps mundane stuff like stamp-collecting or something lol. I don't think any PFers would collect heavy metal CDs or ride harleys, at night in full speed.

    I'll add one more.

    Musical tastes: Very little pop i guess, mainly classic rock or 80s disco. I myself listen to progressive/heavy metal among many others.
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    Myers-Briggs ENT with a bias toward J.
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    appearance: hopefully fully clothed while posting
    personality: brainy in their own cute little way
    education & knowledge: varies, but all who participate are here to learn and share something
    politics: all over the board, from ultra conservative, to ultra liberal, and from the political savvy to the political illiterate
    philosophy: some pretty interesting ones might i say, it's been enlightening to read some of them! to vast a difference to pin one "typical" down.
    social & private life: probably more introverted then most, but has close smart friends.
    vocation: mostly students
    hobbies: reading i would say is number one

    3 years ago when i started on this board, there were few females participating. it was very male dominated. now, we have many great female contributors to "balance" the perspectives, much more refresing i must say :smile:
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