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Characters and reducibility (D4 in particular)

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    I am working with D4 group . I have found its character table (check Table 4 here: http://eprints.utm.my/63/1/Irreducible_Representations_of_Groups_of_Order_8.pdf)

    And now working with the case that you take: [itex] \Gamma_5 \otimes \Gamma_5[/itex] and want to find whether it's irreducible or reducible...
    For that I need its character and using trace identities obtain:
    [itex]X \equiv \chi_{\Gamma_5 \otimes \Gamma_5}= \chi_{\Gamma_5} \chi_{\Gamma_5}[/itex]
    In this case so we have that:
    [itex]X_2= X_4 =X_5 =0 [/itex]
    and [itex]X_1 =X_3 = 4[/itex]

    The equation proving wether it's reducible or not is:
    [itex] \sum_i |C_i| X_i^2 = |G| = |D_4|=8 [/itex]
    Else it would be greater than 8 (because of the existence of more than 1 Clebsch-Gordan coefficient)
    This is true (since [itex]|C_1|=|C_3|=1[/itex] ) so the representation is irreducible...
    However its characters are =4 and they don't coincide with any other character of the 5-known-irreps of D4... to which irrep is it equivalent?
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