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Characters in Horror Movies?

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    Are they just not that bright to begin with, or is their panic making them loose all sense of rationality so they cannot spot the easiest things? I honestly can't tell.
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    Well I'm not sure how rational you can get if you had a guy wearing a hockey mask wielding a chainsaw walking towards you to kill you.

    But yeah, would I don't think horror movies would be interesting if there weren't dummies for the killer to play with.
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    I was watching Saw II and the protagonist enters room where he is given another challenge where he is suppose to rescue a man from a silo that was beginning to be filled with chopped pig. But the protagonist just stands there and waits for no apparent reason instead of running to get the key.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_traps_in_the_Saw_film_series#Pig_vat [Broken]
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    It's the bad writing monster. It will attack just about any film but seems to have a preference for horror movies and porno.
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    Yep. Bad writers.
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    Don't forget sci fi.
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