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Charge and mass

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    The 3 pions have different masses and we say this so because of the electro magnetic energy.if this is so then we can never measure a mass because the magnitude of the EM energy that a particle recieves depends on the charged particles around it.
    if you help with this dilemma i would be grateful.
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    The small mass differences within isotopic multiplets arise from four energies of the quarks within the particles.
    1. Quark mass differences.
    2. quark-quark Coulomb energies.
    3. q-q magnetic moment energies.
    4. QCD q-q spin-spin energies.
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    I was under the impression pi+ and pi- have the same mass. pi+ made from up quark and down anti-quark, while pi- consists of up anti-quark and down quark.
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    yes pi- and p+ have same mass, but pi0 has different mass.
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