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Homework Help: Charge and metal rods problem

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    A free-hanging, easy ball to the surface coated with aluminum foil, recharged by a metal rod, one end of which affect the ball (figure A). Charge is introduced with metal rods the other end, as it touches with a charged coating rod. The ball makes rulings that show that the metal rod and had some of the coating specimen charging (figure B). even after the coating rod removed from the metal rod remains the ruling, which shows that charge remains on the ball and the metal rod (figure C). the metal rod replaced by a paint ball rod makes no rash (figure D).
    http://www.pluggakuten.se/wiki/images/thumb/6/67/A.jpg/800px-A.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.pluggakuten.se/wiki/images/thumb/5/56/B.jpg/800px-B.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.pluggakuten.se/wiki/images/thumb/4/4b/C.jpg/800px-C.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.pluggakuten.se/wiki/images/thumb/8/84/D.jpg/800px-D.jpg [Broken]

    1) For situation B, you will both metal ball and metal rod the same charge. It has thus been transferred electrons from / to paint the rod. Should not also paint the rod also some one replierande force? If it is not, why?

    2) What is it that makes the image C that even after coating the rod removed from the metal rod remains the ruling? Why can not form an electrical influence? So that when one side is positive and the other end is negative?

    3) Why does nothing happen when you replace your metal rod against a paint stick and paint for a charged rod in contact with each other? Why there is no electron transfer else?
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    Re: charge


    This looks like a machine translation. Could you please try to put this into clearer English?

    If you really cannot do this, I am afraid that you may be unable to understand any reply.
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    Re: charge

    excuse me, but I can not English well. they are a program that can help me? I andvändr me of google translate but it is worthless. 'll try to make it better
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