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Charge by contact question!

  1. Mar 29, 2010 #1
    When a metal sphere, A, with a charge of +5q is touched to a sphere,B, with a charge of -q what would each of the spheres charge would be and what would there the circle view of the final sphere?

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    Hello Gyoza06,

    Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Could you rewrite the problem? I'm not sure how to interpret it. Is sphere A the same size as sphere B? What do you mean by "circle view" and "final" sphere?

    Also, please let us know what you think the answer is and why. You must show us that you have attempted the problem before we can help. :smile:
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    ya sorry im new to this but the spheres are identical and by final circle view i mean the picture diagram used to show the charge take place with a circle with either + or - signs indicating the charge. if i messed this up again i apologize.
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    my solution is sphere A ends up with a charge of +2.5q and sphere B ends up with a charge of +1.5q
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    You should rethink your answer. If the conducting spheres are identical in size and shape, and there is a charge difference between them, current will flow from one sphere to the other if they are touching (thus changing the charge on each sphere) until equilibrium is reached.
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