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Charge carrier density

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    I've been trying to find a formula for calculating charge carrier density of a material, or a table of values , but can't seem to find any. If anyone knows of a link to a formula or table, any help would be welcome.

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    there's no general formula since metals and semiconductors have very different properities. did you have metals or semicondutors in mind or both?
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    haha. we used that page at a solid state physics course I took.
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    same here

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    Baby, hit me one more time.
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    I was actually wondering about graphite, ex70 in particular (1.85 g/cm2).

    Basically, I'm trying to find good materials for a Hall probe project I'm working on, and I'm considering what I have laying around, but can't find values for anything I have.

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    I find this
    In TaN, each Ta atom contributes three electrons to the N 2p band and two electrons to the 5d conduction band, resulting in a charge carrier density n = 9.7 X 10to power 22 cm−3
    how? any idea?
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