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Charge in a black hole.

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    What if I shoot a bunch of electrons into a black hole, could I make the coulomb repulsion over come the gravity and maybe push the black hole apart?
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    Check out the Reissner-Nordström metric, which describes a spacetime containing a charged, nonspinning black hole. You will see that there is an upper bound on the charge the hole can carry before it becomes a naked singularity. However, the constituent matter/energy will not escape.

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    thanks, Ill read more about it. Why do people say that gravity is weak if in certain cases gravity can over power the other fundamental forces? Or does there come a time when I wouldn't be able to shoot more electrons into the BH, Like the E field of the BH would push the electrons away?
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    Naked singularities exist as a solution to the charged black hole equations,but you can't turn a non-naked black hole into a naked singularity by feeding it charge. In order to get the charge into the black hole, you'll have to give it enough mass that it won't become a naked singularity.

    This is mentioned in MTW, for instance, I'd have to look up the exact reference. It should be mentioned in most other textbooks, too.
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