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Charge of a nucleus

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    Hi, this problem is killing me.

    What is the total charge of the radon nucleus? (The neutral radon atom has 86 electrons.)

    The units is in Coulombs so I figured since they were asking for the charge of just the nucleus then it would be 86 protons times -1.6x10^-19 C. But that didn't work, I've tried every answer I can think of but it isn't working. (its like an online hw thing...i have only a few tries left and i need this answer to continue the rest) Please please help!! Thanks!
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    oh my god, sorry i didn't see that sticky about hw. I'll post somewhere else...sorry!
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    -1.6x10^-19 C is the charge on an electron.

    A proton is positively charged, and if there are 86 of them, then 86 * the charge of one proton is correct.

    Be careful of + and -.
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