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Homework Help: Charge question, please help

  1. Apr 30, 2009 #1
    Can anyone walk me through this? Answers will be helpful in letting me know if I am doing it right or not, but I am mostly looking for a walk through. Thanks!

    I already got the ones that are zero.

    A point charge of strength q1 = -2 uC is located at the center of a thick, conducting spherical shell of inner radius a = 3 cm and outer radius b = 4 cm. The conducting shell has a net charge of q2 = 3 uC.

    (a) Calculate the surface charge densities on the inner (sa) and outer (sb) surfaces of the spherical shell.

    sa = ??? C/m2

    HELP: Where on the conducting shell does the electric charge reside when equilibrium is achieved?

    sb = ??? C/m2

    (b) Calculate the net radial electric field component at the following radii:

    At r = 1.5 cm: Er = ???N/C

    At r = 3.5 cm: Er = 0 N/C

    At r = 8 cm: Er = ??? N/C

    (c) If a conducting wire is added that allows electric charge to flow between the location of q1 and the conducting shell, calculate the resulting values of the net radial components of the electric fields at the following radii:

    At r = 1.5 cm: Er' = 0 N/C

    At r = 3.5 cm: Er' = 0 N/C

    At r = 8 cm: Er' = ??? N/C
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