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Charge raising weak current

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    I am baffled by what exactly it means to have the following (ingoing, outgoing) lepton pair configuration: [tex](0,\nu_L e_R^+)[/tex] and [tex](e_L^- \bar{\nu}_R,0)[/tex]

    This specific question was asked in Halzen and Martin exercise 12.3.

    How is it possible to have 0 in going particles and a neutrino and electron going out? I know that an ingoing right-handed antineutrino is the same as a out going lefthanded neutrino, etc, but just trying to grasp what exactly this [tex](0,\nu_L e_R^+)[/tex] and [tex](e_L^- \bar{\nu}_R,0)[/tex] configuration means physically is confusing.

    Did Halzen and Martin specifically give this example just to show one can switching ingoing and outgoing particles without looking at its physical consequences?
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