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Charged Particles

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    Every charged particle has an electric and magnetic field yea?
    Both the fields are in spherical 3D Space yea, where the strength of the fields fall off as 1/r^2? So in some diagrams found on the net why are the electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other and in an oscillating form?
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    That's an electromagnetic wave. For a stationary charged particle you'll have an electric field that falls off as 1/r^2. You need a moving charge to have a magnetic field so there's no magnetic field attached to a stationary charge in it's rest frame.
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    Ok thats solves a good part of what i was wondering thanks, but how is the magnetic field orientated compaired to the E.field surrounding a charged particle travelling with a velocity v? Do both have a shape like the azimuthal quantum numbers or what?
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    A stationary charged particle has electricfield, a moving but non-accelerating particle will have a magnetic field. But an accelerating charge will have changing electric fields which results in changing magnetic fields , leading to birth of Electro-magnetic wave.

    The diagrams you are talking about in which electric and magnetic fields are shown to be prependicular and in oscillating form , are basically the diagrams of EM Wave as i told you above.In EM Waves Electric fields and magnetic fields are prependicular to each other, and both of these help propogate the EMW, The direction of EM Wave being prependicular to both E and B.

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