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Charged Rod

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    http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2646/chargedrod1ew.png [Broken]

    I used the equation:


    I converted everything to meters before doing the calculations. (I'm kind of pressed for time at the moment... i'll post the actual work in 2 hours.)

    I want to make sure the equation is right.
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    1. An equation must contain an equality. What you've written is an expression. What is it an expression for ? And what do the variables represent ?

    2. Have you learnt integration ? If you have, I suspect you are required to derive the equation (it's just a 4-line derivation) for the field and substitute the values.

    3. Assuming d is the distance to the center of the rod, that is not the equation I get for the field.
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    any more hints? i have to submit my hw in 20 min. :frown:
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    Nevermind. i got it. Thanks for the help Gokul.
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