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Homework Help: Charged Shape Described by a Function - Urgent

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    For part b) if p(x,y,z) were the material density in grams / cc and the surface of the object made out of this material had the equation x^2+y^z = a*z, how would you calculate the total mass of the object? For part b), instead of density, assume p(x,y,z) is the amount of charge over a unit portion of the volume of the object.
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    I'm sorry but I'm really not following. I guess I could find mass by using m=(density)(volume) but I'm still uncertain on how to express the volume of this object.
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    Do you recognize:

    [tex] Q = \int_{\mathcal{V}} \rho d\tau^{'} [/tex]

    This is the general equation for total charge over a volume with a given charge density
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