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Charger question

  1. Aug 22, 2010 #1
    Sorry if this question is really stupid. I tried to look for calculators but wanted to be sure. I have an original Xbox but no power cord for it, however I have an extra power cord for something else that fits perfectly. I want to know if I can safely use it.

    Xbox: 100 V - 127 V ~ 2.1A
    50/60 HZ

    Charger: 10A 125V

    The volts falls within the range of the Xbox range. Is a higher amp number on the charger okay though?

    Thanks in advance
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    That's not always easy to say, because some supplies tend to "run away" when operate at low load conditions, or they may not be a type that regulates at all. The simplest solution is to purchase an OEM power supply, but I hate spending money on these things.
    So, if I were in you're shoes, I'd take the ol' volt meter, a bit of wire, maybe some tape, and bring the connection out where you can measure it and put it under a bit of load. Just as a quick test, I'd load it with a small incandescent bulb, i.e. a 20 watt from the chandelier :~), then follow that with a large bulb, say a 100watt. If the voltage stayed within 1% or so and is within the operating range of the box (plus the connector polarity is correct!) then, I'd go for it.

    Best of luck ( and please remember, I'm frugal, but not always sensible! )

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    I received a ping from another memeber noting that the Xbox has two supply voltages. In that case, this is a grossly oversimplified explaination. I'd probably stick with an original equipment replacement.

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    The original Xbox simply takes normal 120VAC from the wall; its power supply is inside the unit. The 360 has the power supply out side, as part of the cord (inline). If your replacement cord is just a simple cord meant for use in bringing 120VAC from the wall to a device then it should be fine. However, you mention a "charger". Can you explain more what you mean by this, or perhaps post a picture? Maybe it's from an inline power supply with a detachable cord, and you are reading the specifications from the power supply. If that is the case then it is fine to use the cord. There should be no transformer (powerbrick, wallwart, etc) between the wall and the Xbox.
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