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Charges , electric potential

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    Hi , am a computer science student , am newbie at physics , and am train to learn but no help , though i took a course in [physics 1] before 3 yrs and i cant remember anything, and now i am taking physics 2 , i took so far , electric fields , Gauss law ,Electric potential , capacitance . book >> [Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 6th Edn. (R.A.Serway) ]

    Does it requires me to go back to physics 1 to understand those ?
    please help :cry:

    and if anyone can help me or solve these questions(i have no clue about them) i would be appreciated .

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    You could get by without out knowing mechanics fairly well. If your learning Electricity and magnetism you could get by with out knowing mechanics.
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    Thank you cragar for taking the time to reply , that encourages me to go and study , and about the questions , i got them solved from a friend , again thank you .

    And thanks to whom working on this forum , keep it up guys ! .

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