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Charging a device wirelessly?

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    Hey guys, I was thinking about the possibility of charging a device, such as a battery, through wireless means. Does anyone know if there has been any research in this area? Or perhaps a method already in existence?

    I was thinking that perhaps you could use light to heat up a receiver, which could be converted to current and thus could be used to charge a device.
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    Charging by induction, will work wirelessly only for a short distance.
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    Like the cordless toothbrushes.
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    I have had a small project about this issue before..
    But I used microwave signal to recharge a mobile phone battery, not light..

    The link is interesting ranger...
    While doing this project, I thought of this resonance idea, but actually, I wasn't scientifically mature enough to design such a system!

    My idea was transmitting a microwave signal and recieving it via a rectenna which is able to convert this into electrical energy, and then stored in whatever device...
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    There's a professor at Georgia Tech who said something about research in charging a laptop via wireless means when I visited there a few months ago. He was a heat transfer professor though...
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    Is it possible to another type of energy instead of electrical energy, that might be tranfered across long distances easily(and serves the same purpose as ee)?

    I cannot think of any of any other type(though magnetism, light, heat are closely related).... so there might be something interesting at quantum level.

    P.S. But surely, traditional devices will be working with this...
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    Well, there is always chemical energy. You can transport it via truck or pipeline and convert it to heat, electricity, or mechanical energy. I use it to power my car, cook, and heat my house....
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    I was thinking of something like electrical that seems much more like a flux of some matter/particles, and something that can be transported wirelessly...

    Or like, converting matter into energy.

    A small devices takes matter as an input
    and outputs a desired form of energy.
    and capable of converting one form of energy into another.
    Might take thousands of years to develop this.

    The second way seems more realistic than the first one( discovering a form of energy that we don't yet)..
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