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Charging caps

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    Can you tell me if I'm right with this. If you charge ten 1F capacitors in series at 10 volts. Each capacitor has a voltage of 1 volt and a charged capacitance of 0.1F. So if you discharged the ten capacitors in parallel the output would be equal to 1F of capacitance charge and 1 volt. or would the output be 10 volts and 1F of charged capacitance.
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    Do we have a problem with nomenclature here?
    "a charged capacitance of 0.1F" ? Not sure what that means as charge is in Coulombs (C).
    A 1F capacitor will always have a capacitance of 1F - surely.
    All ten capacitors will have the same charge (1C, assuming they really are identical) and 1V across it, so the set in parallel will have 10C of charge, total, and 1V across them.
    The ten, in series, will have a capacitance of 0.1F (whatever the charge).
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