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Charismatic push through mastodon

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    Currently I'm working hard translating a manuscript about trunk animals. There is a thread about this in the Earth forum. I just did this part:

    My question, google does not tell a lot about this, but is this common in other countries as well, to use 'mastodon' like that?
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    No, I've never heard it used for anything other than, well, a mastodon.

    The terms "troglodyte" and "Neanderthal" are sometimes used, but they mean someone who is stuck in old thinking, someone who is not modern. They aren't used as compliments, btw.
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    Yeah I don't know if I would want to be called a massive and excessively hairy beast that can't find a home and is forced to roam forever.
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    I'm dutch but have never heard of the term 'mastodon' (at least not in dutch). The online version of the most widely used dictionary doesn't even list it (although a few other online dictionaries do). Then again, I'm not known for my dutch skills so you shouldn't take my word for it.
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    Nick, check this. We have a lot of Mastodons.
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    Ah, the extra 't' at the end did the trick ;) Proves how little I know about my own language, yay!
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    yep!--and then go extinct
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