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Charles Darwin

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    I found my self imeresed in the Charles Darwin story "Points Of Origins" and I found it very interesting. Have any of you guys ever read this book if so share it with me, I think Charles was i one of the greatest minds what do guys think?
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    I haven't read that one yet. I'll make a point to try and find it though.

    I agree that Darwin is one of the greatest minds in history, but I add that being a "great mind" often has much to do with being "lucky" or being "at the right place at the right time".
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    You do raise a strong idea about Charles Darwin and luck but he wasnt the only person to find out that god didnt create the creatures on earth and that the Bible has loop holes. There was another guy who lived i think in australia i can not remember his name but he was a anthropologist researcher. He figured out what charles darwin had discovered many years ago but Charles never published his findings in fear of losing all his friends. Some of them were priests and reverends and scientists. But this other guy sent Charles his theories facts and info. When Charles read his ideas, he decided to go publish his ideas before this other guy received all the credit. I learned this in high school anthropology class.
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    Hmm, even luckier than I thought, eh?
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    Another God

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    An Australian?
    What u are describing sounds like the work of Russell Wallace. Well renowned as the other guy who also figured out something similar to 'Descent with Modification', one of Darwins friends found out about Wallace's work and informed darwin that someone else was about to go public with Darwins idea, so Darwin was forced to publish.

    Ideas are often concieved by two people independantly at the same time.

    Apparently the first presentation of descent with modification was given by Darwin and Wallace together to the Royal British Society (or some other such organisation)
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