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Chassis design.

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    I'm wanting to design and build my own street legal car. I've pretty much got the design that I want I just need to know how to design and build a simple (if possible) chassis and what kind of medal to use for the outer body.
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    Leaf through a Rod & Custom or Street Rodder magazine at your local bookstore, lots of ideas. Maybe find Boyd Coddington's book on chassis design. Or watch American Hot Rod on Discovery channel. Obviously you're going to use manufactured parts like steering box/racks, final drive, spindles, and whatever else, those would be the largest influences on design for a homemade chassis. Vehicle dynamics would be nice as well, plenty of in-depth books exist for that field.

    Why not a honeycomb carbon fiber body?

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    There are a ton of books that cover chassis engineering. Go to Amazon.com and search "chassis" and/or "chassis engineering".
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    The best book on the subject is Chassis Design by Herb Adams. It is published by HP Books and has everything you could ask for except specific equations for dimensioning the suspension geometry.
    Good luck!
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