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Chat Event! Thursday Sept. 24

  1. Sep 24, 2003 #1
    The chat events are back baby! I know it's short notice, but I would like to start scheduling them again for twice a week at a certain time.

    The first chat to get things rolling will be tomorrow Thursday Sept. 25 at 3:00pm and at 8:00pm central time. You'll find the chat forum under pf community or follow this link:


    Hope to see you there!!
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    Hm, today is a Thursday.

    Today is 25 September.

    Greg must mean a different year, 2009 perhaps?

    Also, it's 3 to 8pm 'central time'. I wonder, is that in the US, or Australia (or somewhere else)?
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    Half past a roo??
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    Another God

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    be there for the later one. Java chat does't work through firewalls:frown:
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    What the heck is a chat event?
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    central time=CET?
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    Central time ...
    CDT (i.e. not EDT, MDT, PDT)
    Central Australian time
    {insert additions here}
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