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When I come to PF, I automatically wind up in the chat room. If I try to use the back button, it doesn't work. If I click on "back to the forum" the chat screen stays up behind the forum and I can't get rid of it without closing my browser. This is nothing against chat, but I would prefer to go there voluntarily.
This is a well known annoyance, however there is not any easy fix. In the past making the chat voluntarily ended up in no one chatting.
I didn't know that there was a chat feature on this site. Do you mean like a physics chat room, or do you mean the general discussion forum in the PF Lounge?

I haven't seen any links to anything that even looks like chat. Am I looking in the wrong place?


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I still wonder about the chats -- seeing as I can't ever get in one, due to my work's firewall. It seems to me that the site is called physicsFORUMS because it has FORUMS. If it were physicsCHAT I would expect CHAT.

I also don't like the idea that you don't want to make chat voluntary simply because people didn't end up chatting. So what? Let them do what they want. Make an IRC channel and let people chat if and when they want to. If no one chats, it means no one really wanted to.

- Warren
But still how do I get to this chat? I would like to chat, after all that's one of the reasons why I'm here.
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Originally posted by lavalamp
But still how do I get to this chat? I would like to chat, after all that's one of the reasons why I'm here.
The chats are every friday afternoon. It replaces the main page so you can't miss it :smile:
Maybe that's why I haven't seen it. I haven't been registered for long enough. Sounds pretty good, I'll be sure to check it out this Friday afternoon.

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