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Chat server

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    What is the easiest way to run a chat client that was written in c++? Preferably for a unix/linux server.
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    compile it and run it?
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    What is the chat client, and what underlying protocol do you want to use?

    If it is based on an open standard then by all means use an open standard as your server..

    Your question needs more clarity.

    If you build a chat client that complys with the Jabber standards then use a Jabber server, however if you write your own protocol for your client, then write the Server app ensuring it complys with this protocol.
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    It is just a simple server that uses winsock, and a client to go with it.
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    You need to think below the application layer
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    If you have the server and the client then what is the problem? Assuming the client connects to the right port on the server and uses an agreed protocol then all you need to do is make sure you don't have a firewall in the way blocking either the incoming port on the server or the outgoing port on the client. Did you write the software yourself or is it someone else's and are you just having difficulties using it?
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    It is a simple application that we [a group] wrote. It is very simple now and we are going to expand on it. Currently it works when someone runs the server on their computer, but we want to run it on a webhost's server or a shell account, sort of like an ird daemon.
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